What is Reiki
How Does It Work?
Learning Reiki
Effective For

The unique feature of Reiki therapy is that universal energy has the capacity to reach physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels and heal.

Healing is effective in almost all diseases. Diseases like Asthma, Headache, Allergy, Sinusitis, Arthritis, Blood pressure, Backpain, Cervical spondylitis, cold, diabetes, Gastric Ulcer, Scleroderma, piles, Hepatitis, Migraine, Menstrual problem have been healed. In Reiki relief from pain is tremendous. On request patients are also being treated through distant healing.

Chronic physical & Psychosomatic diseases are healed through psychic surgery.

Reiki is also good for children since it does not involve any usage of drugs and consequently, no chance of side effects.

Benefits of Reiki

  • Removes blocks to the flow of energy

  • It purifies the body, Aura & chakras

  • Relaxes the body

  • Releases stress

  • Heals the body & mind

  • Ego is lost

  • Enhances the healing power of body

  • Pathway of kundalini power is cleared

  • Psychic power increases

It connects the healer with the spiritually guided universal energy to reach the stage of "SAMADHI"