Reiki Day
Reiki Meditation

Free guided meditation exclusively for improving Concentration power and charecter building.It is done with the intention of nurturing law abiding Citizens of India, Every Saturday at 7.00 PM.

Guided meditation on vaihasi full moon day  14th  June 22
24TH WORLD REIKI DAY 2022 CELEBRATION by Reiki centre of India
Meditation : Held on 27th June 21
  • to improve concentration memory
  • to relax the mind and body 
  • for character  building
  • for self improvement
  • for empowerment
 exclusively for the age group  10 to 15yrs.

Guided meditation on Bhudha poornima  - May '21 
Sujok basic course  online - March 2021 

Full mull mediation for self healing and global health 


Protecting the Respiratory system -
Presented in 22nd  World Reiki day 2021 -

For details Click Here

Conceptual Framework Entwining Translational Anatomy with Veterinary Clinical Sciences

At Indian association of veterinary Anatomists seminar

"Meditation on Solar Eclipse day with my students and healers"

Guided meditation on solar eclipse 21.6.2020

Guided meditation for global health 
Reiki 3A class Feb' 20
Sujok acupressure ,
Basic and Meridian course
Initiated two Reiki Grandmasters, from Hyderabad and New Jersey 
Reiki 3A class dec 2019
Reiko 2nd degree class Nov 2019
Creating Reiki masters
Ms.Sowmya ,Singapore  completed her master degree  Oct  '19
Reiki 1st degree class oct 19
Reiki 2nd degree class oct 2019
Advance Reiki training 3A Oct 2019
Ms.Milani , from Malaysia completed her master degree
Ms.Nageswary  veloo completed her master degree,  Oct 2019
Reiki 1st degree class  August 2019

Mrs. nageswari veloo , from Malaysia, who finished her Reiki grand mastership and sujok acupressure from me. she is practicing in Malaysia. proud to have her as my student

Guided meditation and introductory lecture on vazha vaikum kalai at my clinic

Achievement award by Chutti TV on
Women's day
Article in Mambalam Times

29th Veterinary Anatomy Conference at Chattisgarh Feb 2015 presenting a paper on Holistic Medicine

Meditation Session
Stress Management Tamil Lecture in Chennai    
Stress Management Lecture at AG's Office in Chennai    
Lecture on Hypophysis and Adrenal Dis-orders in conference on Endocrinology Nursing at Mohammed Sathak College of Nursing