Crystal Therapy
Crystal Therapy
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Crystals are gifts from Mother earth. Clear quartz crystal is one of the most sacred stones. It is the essence of rocks and found in mountains and rocks. It is a symbol of radiant white light energy and is the mirror of our soul.
Quartz crystal is conductor of energy; acts as both receiver and transmitter
Crystals have power to receive, memorise, concentrate, transform, amplify and beam the healing energy. It enhances reiki energy when combined with reiki healing.
Crystal therapy is the use of crystals to promote and restore health in the patients’ mind and body.
Many parts of the human body are crystalline in nature similar to the patterns in crystals – resonance between inorganic earth crystals and the organic ‘bio’ crystals of human body.
Quartz crystals are formed in earth crust, from molten rock; the atoms in right condition group together become crystalised.   It is the essence of rock; symbol of radiant white light energy.