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Su Jok Acupuncture
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Sujok Acupressure  - Basic course April 2019 - Click here

Acupressure is Acupuncture points are gently pressed WITH THE FINGERS (instead of
needles as in Acupuncture) to release the block for the flow of energy
In Su Jok, Palm and foot represent all the organs/meridians in the body
Su = Hand (palm) & Jok = Foot
In traditional Acupuncture, needles are put in strategic points in the meridians running all over
the body; In Su Jok, the meridians are represented in the fingers and toes
Developed by Park Jae Woo , Korean, born 1942, Prof. Park Jae Woo, born on 14th March
  1942 in Seoul, South Korea, graduated from the Seoul National University. At present he is the President of Su jok academy of Moscow, Honorary President of Su Jok academy of india, President of the International ONNURI Public Fund, President of the Korean Su Jok-Aupuncture Institute, President of the International Su Jok Acupuncture Association, a Representative of the O-Haeng Publishing Company, and Publisher of the World of Hand and Foot newspaper
Simple, easy to perform even by the patients
It can be compared with the best self cure methods known to man today.
The most astonishing aspect of this therapy is the simplicity. Anybody who desires himself to
  learn the basics of Su Jok therapy can do so within a few hours.
Painless, drugless, no side effects
Can be performed by anyone at anytime; Sitting in a meeting with a headache and you can
practice Su Jok on yourself without anyone knowing