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In Reiki, unlike other healing systems, the master opens the chakras, connecting the student to the limitless source of universal energy. Attunement creates a healer and is called Reiki channel, empowered to channelise the universal healing energy, Reiki attunement is done at 3 levels.

I Degree attunement opening the crown, Ajna, Vishudha and Anahatha chakras, empowers the student to heal self and others. Self healing after attunement raises the vibrations of life force energy, enables the body to channelise the healing energy & body gradually gets rid of negative energy. All physical diseases can be healed.

II Degree attunement Students are initiated once again and are taught traditional and nontraditional symbols. Symbols are sacred tools which enhance the healing energy. Healing Karma, distant healing, non healing use of symbols ( energising machineries, establishment, Personality development, etc.,) are taught. Opening third eye enhances the psychic power, which makes distant healing possible.

III Degree

III A. Advance Reiki Training (ART)
Psychic surgery advance level of meditation to empower kundalini shakthi, crystal grid formation are taught.

III Master degree B
Attunement at this level creates a Reiki master, Training to conduct I and II degree classes and spread the message of universal love is imparted.

Grand master:- Attunement at this level creates a grandmaster who can create master.

Learn Reiki to lead a stress free life and create a disease free nation.


Additional information:

  • Reiki can be used for keeping the body and mind pure and healthy, thus preventing the disease. In disease healing takes place at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

  • For personality development, to bring harmony in life, financial gains, goal achievement, Reiki can be used.

  • Safe and no possibility of contacting any infection or negative energy, from the patient, since the healing energy is beamed from the healer to the patient and not vice-versa.

  • Compatible with all other systems of medicine, like allopathy, homeopathy, unani etc., no side effects.

  • Healer need not diagnose since the universal energy is more intelligent and knows what to do, how to act and where to act.

  • No diagnostic test or medicine is required.

  • It is simple, safe , easy to learn, (8 to 10 hours for each level of attunement). Any one (irrespective of nationality,caste,religion,sex) can learn since it is universal energy and meant for every one.

  • Anyone who has love for others can learn.

  • Crystal Therapy:
                              Crystals are Mother earth's gift to mankind. Quartz crystals, used for healing act like computers, receiving, concentrating, amplifying the cosmic energy and beaming the healing energy. Crystal enhances reiki power and hence they are used in reiki healing. Healing with crystals results in faster recovery.
                              Precautions are taken in selection of crystals and programming.
                              Classes are conducted on crystal therapy for reiki channels.
                              Classes are also conducted for reiki channels on acupressure - To heal
                              the patients through meridians/correspondence points.
Reiki I and II degree classes will be conducted once a month on Sundays in Thiruvanmyur, Chennai. Class will be between 9 am - 5 pm.  III degree and above can be done on request.  I can consider taking classes elsewhere on a case to case basis.