Testimonials / Case Studies
Testimonials from patients treated by Dr.P.S.Lalitha through a combination of Reiki, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Magnetotherapy

Acute Gastritis

A 30 year old lady with acute pain in the epigastric region approached me.   After discussing with her,  I realised she had diarrhoea for which she took an antibiotic. Though she recovered from diarrhoea, she developed constipation. Two days later, she had acute pain in the gastric region close to the diaphragm and below.

Diagnosis – By applying the probe in the primary correspondence region of acute pain in the palm and fire point of stomach meridian, I realised that the pain was due to  acute gastritis.

Healing – A combination of Reiki and Sujok acupuncture was applied .

Reiki – Healing Manipura (to heal the Stomach), Swadishtana chakra (Large intestine) for restoring bowel movement .

Sujok Acupuncture on primary correspondence for stomach and bowel.  For constipation, a point on yang meridian of large intestine  and for gastritis- fire point in the stomach meridian were sedated in the palm.
Just one session of healing resulted in immediate recovery.


Feedback from a French student on Sujok class


I am Uma. I was diagnosed with arthritis 30 years ago when my son was born. I have visited almost every possible doctor in Chennai for treatment. In the last 30 years I have been prescribed many high doasages of painkillers and anti inflammation medication amongst other things to help me with this condidtion. But the reaction to all of this has always been only till such time as I have consumed the medication. 

The cold season during November, December and January I have always dread. There have been times I have not been able to bend my knees to go to the bathroom or get into a bus or lift my arms to wear my blouse. The pain was always excruciating and my whole body would swell up at the joints. 

I first visited Dr. Lalitha 3 months ago. Since then I not take any painkillers or any other medication. The Reiki and accupressure sessions have been a huge relief for me. She had also guided me to self heal my body. Over the last 3 month I have not had any pain or swelling. I am able to do my daily duties on my own and even take care of my granddaughter all day without any difficuly. Thank you Dr. Lalitha for helping me heal. 

-- Uma

Chronic dry cough  due to gastritis
- Vidya

Until I met Dr.P.S. Lalitha, I have only heard of miracles happening in mythological stories and in movies. Yes, it can happen in real life too. Since childhood I had been suffering from painful throat blocks that used to occur whenever I had cold and cough. The cough used to aggravate leading to severe pain in my throat and my voice used to get meek. I was very fond of singing and eating ice-creams which I had to give up due to my painful throat block. The first treatment I took for this problem was homeopathy in the age of seven which gave me only a temporary relief. Then hoping that I will get better, some well wisher suggested that I should take ayurvedic medicines but it did not get any better than before. Years passed by and I tried siddha medicines after which I switched to allopathic medicines which just proved to be expensive and gave me more side effects. I could realise that my body immunity was severely affected by taking different medicines under various treatment but there was no permanent solution to my pain and suffering due to this chronic throat problem.

Then in October 2011, I was struck once again by the same kind of severe throat block which was very painful. But this time the pain aggravated to such an extent that I could not sleep and ultimately lead to loss of my voice. No amount of medicines or speech therapy helped in regaining my voice. Even after a month and a half of treatment under best of doctors and specialists, there was no relief. During that period my dad happened to attend Dr.P.S.Lalitha’s lecture and got to know that there is a powerful healing called reiki. My dad was hoping that since none of the treatments gave any relief, as a last resort he felt I should try reiki treatment also. We approached Dr. Lalitha and my parents explained about my chronic throat problem. Dr.Lalitha diagnosed me and found that my throat problem was not due to any viral infection but was due to acidic formation in the stomach. Since with a powerful sense of understanding of the functioning of body through reiki, in few minutes of healing I could breathe easy and the pain in my throat started disappearing. Miraculously I got my voice back in just half an hour! I could not believe that the problem, with which I was suffering from my childhood, disappeared without any medicines or any surgery. I got my voice back and I continued the treatment for few days till I got my immunity back which I had lost after taking allopathic medicines.

Having experienced reiki and its power to heal, I strongly felt I should learn reiki and also tell people around about this wonderful healing technique. The experience that I went through made me realise that many people are still not aware of this wonder called reiki. There is a prevailing myth that reiki cannot be learnt by everybody. But this myth is completely shattered by Dr. Lalitha who has not only healed thousands of people but is also on a mission to spread this powerful healing technique. Through her simple teaching method she makes it easy for anyone of any age to learn this technique for both self healing as well as healing others.

My loss of voice proved to be blessing in disguise as my family and friends who were suffering from different complications and painful treatments have been healed by Dr.Lalitha in no time. I am thankful to Dr. Lalitha for introducing me and several people to Reiki. I will always admire her for making this world a better place to live for thousands of people. Now I am happily singing and eating ice-creams as much as I want with a confidence that there is no more suffering from any pain.


Namaste Dr.

My heart is filled with gratitude.
It was very tough for me to cope up emotionally and physically after loosing four consecutive pregnancies each for different reasons. I had almost lost hopes. I was so tired and in so much pain. It had become difficult for me to carry on with normal day to day activities, which further created more problems. That is when I got to know about Dr. Lalitha and her holistic way of healing.
The very first session I had with her gave me so much relief, that i do not have any words to describe.Gradually I gained emotional and physical strength as she combined Reiki with Acupuncture and Magneto therapy.
She not only healed me, but also encouraged me to learn Reiki and Sujok Acupressure. She is a great teacher. The knowledge one gets by attending these classes is immense. And whenever there is transfer of knowledge, it has to be done with proper qualities, without which the knowledge can become useless and ineffective.One of the important things that she emphasizes again and again is to remain humble and grounded. And to acknowledge the power given by the almighty lord.
Dr. Mikao Usui's efforts have not gone in vain, as it is being nourished by the right hands.

Thank you very much Dr. Lalitha. I feel very much blessed to have known you.

Thank you and regards

Patient talking about instant relief from Coccyx injury pain -- click for video link
Dr talking about pain relif through Reiki and Acupuncture -- click for video link
Dear Lalitha,
Hope you are well!
It has been a long time since I want to write you, and I never did in the end because I have lots of things to share with you and I wanted to write a nice email.
First of all, thank you so much for giving me the attunements in Chennai, I am so grateful to have had the chance to visit you and being able to complete the Reiki courses.
Reiki has changed my life. In a few words: I don’t have lupus anymore, I am so happy to having completed the cleansing process after the attunements, being vegetarian, meditating every morning, reiki every morning, no coffee and alcochol. I don’t drink coffee anymore since that date, no more diet coke, and very little alcohol (I plan to delete it from my diet) and I feel more free with my emotions (I am not attached to past emotions or feelings, is like if for example, something bad happens, I don’t let the feelings or emotions enter that deeply into my aura). I live more and more the present.
I have been practicing reiki every since, to lots of friends, family, and friends of friends. I  realized I have improved a lot, everything flows easily. I am not charging any fee to my friends and family, but next week I will do it to a friend of a friend and her husband and they wanted to pay me, so I decided that they should pay me whatever they feel like, I feel better in that way, what do you think?
I have several doubts, and I would love to meet you again at some point, or in the meantime have a telephone conversation if you would like to. Please let me know what time and day is more convenient for you.
How are you? How is everything going in Chennai? How is the hospital? Are you doing some seminars?Do you have a schedule or information?
I am interested in doing the third level at some point, but I would like to have your opinion.
Well, it has been a pleasure meeting you and I thank you again for introducing me to New Life Reiki, as I said it changed my life, my way to perceive things and relate to the people. Everything changes when you are more open, it is amazing.
Have a nice day!
Best wishes,
Dear Madam,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Very busy schedule in the States and also took time to settle down as it is new place.

Please find my symptoms and the treatment which I have undergone prior to Reiki


Was suffering from Migraine headaches which lasted for almost 15 years. I will have severe headache associated with Nausea symptoms which I used to suffer a lot and the frequency of my migraines is almost thrice in a week


I was in a dire need to get out of the headache and have tried various treatment. Started with English medicine. Before starting with those medication, I have been advised to take various scan & x-ray’s to find out the cause. But nothing has been materialized even after taking the same and unable to find the cause. So I have been put into the medication for the course of 6 months. But I was feeling when I am having the tablet’s regularly. I felt that my headache is gone completely. But my happiness is very limited as when I completed the course of 6 months, I stopped taking the tablets and I get started with the headache very frequently again and even my frequency was 4 times in a week with 2 at least more severe headaches.. After that I have tried with various treatment too, but that too didn’t give any good results. So it’s when I heard about the Madam who specialized in Reiki and Acupuncture treatment. So I thought will give a go, as I am not going to lose anything..


Suffering from the stiffness on the back and also joints pain. This is because I got operated with the leg for Arthroscopy and while doing the operation they put anesthesia on the spine which I supposed might be a cause for this joins pain. Because I never had any stiffness or joint pain before the operation.


i have developed with the severe stiffness on the back and also joint pain from Feb 2011 after the operation which held on Sep 2010. So after Feb 2011, I had happened again to meet so may Ortho surgeons , Spinal surgeons and Rheumatologist. Again have spent lots of money on X-ray’s & MRI. Have taken tablet for almost 1 year, but in vain. All these tablets have spoiled my stomach and liver which had Gastric problems and Acidity instead of correcting my problem. I am not even feeling single percent better with those medicines and have decided to stop taking them as it yielded zero results.

Experience in Reiki & Acupuncture sessions:

I felt in the first session itself very energetic as if dirty got washed away from the waterfalls. I can feel my chakra in the fore head got activated and I was able to feel the heat when Madam touches and can experience a good feeling on my inner soul.

My migraine which was very severe even when I started the treatment . That’s when I told to madam, she said that toxic has to come out of the body and in that due course I will feel the pain. But when I progresses with further seating, my migraine frequency has been gradually reduced to twice and after that once as my treatment progresses. My body showed a huge progress towards the session progresses. And also she showed the Acupuncture point, which need to be applied when there I a severe headache which was really very effective

During my initial treatment was experiencing severe back stiffness and joints pian. I felt that why am getting more pain now. Then after further treatment with Madam, then slowly the stiffness on my back got reduced and also the joint pain gradually reduced. Now I was feeling 85% better with those treatment which the English didn’t yield 5% percent results even after 1 year treatment

And moreover when I had Reiki treatments, I can feel that my chakras are activated. I can sense the freshness inside my soul and have started developing more patience than earlier.

Thanks and Regards,

Relief from Migraine headaches

Mrs. Sothiatnam,

I , Selvadurai Sothiatnam was suffering from arthritis and back pain for the past few years. I was taking treatment but without any relief. The swelling and the pain existed. Finally I went to Dr.P.S.Lalitha, for Reiki treatment. I am feeling much better now. I am very much impressed by her treatment and grateful to her.

Mrs. K.S.Saraswathi,
Ovarian Cyst

In 1996, I was diagnosed with right ovarian cyst. I sought reiki treatment for this from Dr.Lalitha and later when I subjected myself for a master check up, the scan report showed that both ovaries were normal.

Ms. C. Ramadevi,
Chennai – 88

My daughter was suffering from Ulcer (chronic stage). I took her for treatment to Dr.Lalitha and she is now taking treatment from her. It is a miracle that, without any medicines, she is very happy. The scan taken after a few sessions showed good results. The large intestine, which was fully affected, now shows only patches here and there after reiki treatment. Dr.Lalitha has also guided me with the knowledge of Reiki. This is a great boon to my family members and myself.

My son-in-law was suffering from arthritis in his right knee. He could not even walk normally. He experienced good relief even during the first sitting. He was able to walk normally and he was very happy.


My father has been suffering from a cyst in the right ankle for the last 25 years. I took him to Dr.Lalitha for treatment. Earlier he used to scream in pain even if a cloth brushed against it. Now, post Reiki treatment, even if that part is pressed, he feels no pain, which is a complete surprise to all of us. When we went to an allopathic doctor, they had actually said an operation must be performed. But post reiki, there was no need for any operation. So we are all thankful to reiki.


I used to have excruciating pain in my right leg below my calf muscles which even made walking difficult. I took medicines and treatment for orthopedic surgeon and pain reduced to some extent. I was suffering like this for two years. I took treatment from Dr.Lalitha and also learnt Reiki from her. Now my leg pain has reduced to a large extent. Whenever I got any pain, I do self-healing and the pain fully vanishes in a short time. I also want to study further to know more about Reiki and heal others.

Ms.Amrutha Sundar

For over six years, I have been suffering with ‘Gross Hypothyroidism’; I was taking allopathic treatment from a well-known endocrinologist all these years. I was instructed that I should not miss my medicines even a single day, and I followed it very sincerely. This also turned me from a friendly, easy going person to getting irritated or angry very easily. Occasionally, I experienced palpitation. I had irregular periods and always felt tired too.

I started Reiki treatment by Dr.Lalitha and on her advice, I had the treatment daily through another reiki channel. After I started the treatment, I felt a lot of changes within me. My periods became regular and I became emotionally stable and active. The intake of allopathic medicines reduced slowly till it came to nil. I was no more dependent on the ‘inevitable’ medicine. After that, I myself learnt Reiki. I attend free service camps at Stree Seva mandir. The immense satisfaction I derive from this service has no boundaries.
Thanks to the Reiki Centre of India.

Mr.K. Sunderasan
Relief from Back pain

I am 65 years old and I was suffering from back pain for the past two years and was applying ointments and also doing some exercise. Even though I got temporary relief, it returned especially after getting out of bed or when going for long walks.

I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Lalitha and discussed my problem with her. She treated me only just a few minutes and to my surprise I slowly noticed some changes taking place in me and had the experience of some waves passing through my body. To my surprise, I got a good relief and happy to tell her, the relief continues. Now only I realise my mistake of not trying Reiki treatment earlier. I also thank her for clearly explaining the various aspects of Reiki and with much patience clearing all my doubts on this subject.

T.S. Raman

I had been suffering from severe headache (migraine) past ten years and was always dependent on medicines to get relief from the headache. On reference from a friend I had consulted Dr.Lalitha and after attending 5 sittings of reiki treatment I am completely cured. Being a businessman the intensity of headache was so much that I was unable to concentrate on my business and after the treatment I feel that I am newly born. Though I feel it is a miracle, the course of the treatment taught me a confidence to fight any problem mentally & physically.

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