How Does It Work?
Effective For


There are electro-magnets (connected to electric source) and permanent magnets (always charged).
These discs are usually sold in pairs – north pole and south pole. The two poles possess different therapeutic properties. The north pole magnet is effective in diseases caused by bacterial infection and the south pole is used to treat all kinds of pains, swellings and weakness.
Treatment is either local or general.  Local implies treatment in the affected area. And general in case the entire body requires treatment
Each session in magnetotherapy lasts for 20-30 minutes. Usually the first session starts with 5-10 minutes and gradually increasing in time depending on the problem.
Magnets can be used on daily basis to preserve health just like yoga, meditation etc.
Treatment can continue even after complete cure to preserve general health. Magnetic water is another option. Fruit, milk etc,, can also be magnetized.
Magnetotherapy has proved especially effective in curing digestive and nervous disorders and relieving aches and pains especially rheumatism, migraines, arthritis etc
It is obviously painless and has no side effects
Can be used along with any other form of treatment such as Allopathy, homeopathy, Reiki etc.
Can be combined with Reiki effectively; For e.g. place the North pole/blue magnet if a chakra has to be energized and the South pole/red magnet is a chakra has to be sedated
Can be combined with Reiki effectively for better and faster results