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Dr. Lalitha– Founder of ART OF HEALING - commomerates her 20 years in drugless therapy ....
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Meditation schedule of this week end (oct 8 th and oct 9th, 2022)

தனக்குள் உள்ள சக்தியை அறிய எளிய தி -  தமிழில் -சனிக்கிழமையான பயி- ற்சி-8.10.22 - 7 pm


*Full moon Meditation by Dr. P. S. Lalitha* - *English.. Sunday - *9.10.22, 7 pm*


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Dr. P.S. Lalitha, a holistic healer –Reiki Grandmaster, specialist in drugless therapy is keen on promoting the holistic healing.

After 34 years of teaching & research in Madras Veterinary College, opted for voluntary retirement to practice Reiki and Acupuncture. Reiki and Acupuncture treats the root cause of the problem and solves physical, emotional issues. She treats her patients through a combination of Reiki and Acupuncture, which she has named ‘Vazha Vaikum Kalai’.

She has been practicing alternative medicine (since 1993), treating patients through a combination of Reiki, Pranic healing, Crystal Therapy, Magnetotherapy, Acupressure and Acupuncture. She has also initiated thousands of reiki healers and is a consultant at Bharathi Raja Speciality Hospital, T.Nagar and has a clinic in Valmiki Nagar, Thiruvanmyur in Chennai.

She has presented several research papers at national and international seminars and is a winner of several awards and titles like ‘Master of Millennium’, ‘Woman of the year’, ‘Milestone’, Distinguished Academician etc. She is also the founder secretary of ‘Reiki Centre of India’, which also publishes ‘Healing Hands’ a quarterly newsletter.


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Class  at Clinic – 34/7, Kottivakkam Kuppam Road, Valmiki Nagar,

Call us at +91 98400 44198

By Dr. P.S. Lalitha; Please contact
Call on 0-98400 44198 for copies

Reiki and Sujok Acupressure

Reiki chakras
'Dr.P.S.Lalitha வின் ரெய்கி புத்தகம் . ரெய்கி பற்றிய உங்கள் எல்லா கேள்விகளுக்கும் பதில். உங்கள் ஆரோக்கியம் உங்கள் கையி



புத்தகம் வாங்க
Call us @ +91 98400 44198

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Mr. Kesav,
Healing Magnets and Crystals,
# 10, Gopala Krishna Iyer Street,
Pondy Bazaar, T.Nagar,
Chennai - 600 017. India.
Call : 044-28155568 / 0-9444889162


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